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How To Grow A Blog In 2021

Do you write blog but your blog is not ranked on google SERP.

Don’t Worry,


I explain to you how to grow a blog in 2021 in google SERP.When we write a blog various things reminded related to  our blog.

We have to write a unique blog and related to viewer requirement and also easily understand by our viewers.

Few year ago blogging or content writing is very easy .You have require few step to follow when content writing and you had no more effort do to write a content I past.


Today various google algorithms are updated and you need to follow the all goggle algorithems when you success in blogging.Competition is also very high in blogging because more people start blogging today.


You need to write a blog is uniqe ,informative and easily understandable by readers and also according to your readers requirements.

You easily success in blogging today then you know how to grow a blog in 2021 and start writing a blog according to google conditions.You have varios way to grow a blog .

Top 10 way of how to grow a blog in 2021

When you want how to grow a blog in 2021 then I explain various statregy to grow in blog.These are….

1. Create  quality content for your blog

2.Target long keyword

3.Know the interest of your audience

4.Do your website SEO

5.Upload image related to your blog

6.Ask and reply your audience questions

7. Check your content is readable

8. Sharing your blog content

9. Never stop testing your blog

10. Don’t be  affaried to experiment

1. Create quality content for your blog: When you want to success in your blog and get more audience in your blog, you need to create a quality content that’s mean your blog is informative and unique from another bloggers.

Language you are used in your blog is easily understanding by your readers, don’t use technical language in your blog.

2. Target long keyword:  Don’t use short keyword for your blog because short keyword has high competition. You never ranked your blog in google SERP and never get engagement in  your website.


When success in blogging always target a long keyword.

3.know the interest of your audience: Before writing your blog try to know your audience interest because you are only success behalf f your audience. Take your audience is first.

4. Do your website SEO: When you want your blog ranked in google SERP(Search Engine Result Page) then do your website SEO. Because website SEO is most important when  success in blogging.

5. Upload image related to your blog: images are attracted viewers easily then use related image  on your blog and use alt tag of your image. Insert image starting of your blog.

6. Ask and reply your audience question: Always ask a question on your audience related to your blog and reply the question of your audience because do that a positive impression create in your audience mind about you and your website.

7. Check that your content is readable: After write the content for your blog check that content you write is easily readable and understandable by your readers. When your content is not readable or understandable by reader you not success in blogging, you are fail in generate traffic in your website.

8. Sharing your blog content: When success in blogging then you have the need to sharing your blog content. You share your blog content in social media and target the most active readers in your blog.

9. Never stop testing your blog: Test your blog is time to time, you test in your blog various things like, accuracy of your blog, if your blog is informative, understandability of your blog etc. Do these things you are success in your blog easily.

10. Don’t be afraid to experiment: Always do experiment in your blog don’t be afraid because experiment is the stair of success. Always do that’s things is beneficial for you and your audience.


These are the way of your success in blog in 2021 and get more traffic to your website. Always remember that write an informative content and according to  your user need.