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How to use Rank Math plugin

  How to use Rank Math plugin this question is come in our mind when we want to use Rank Math plugin for on page SEO.


  Firstly I explain you about Rank Math plugin, this plugin is very useful for on-page SEO and Rank Math is better than Yoast plugin.

What Is Rank Math Plugin

   Rank Math plugin is a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) For wordpress  where anyone easily optimize their content with more suggestion based on widely accepted.

When we want to use this plugin a few step follow require

  1. Install The Rank Math plugin
  2. Connecting Rank Math
  3. SEO Analysis
  4. A quick look at Rank Math in action

These 4 steps for how to use rank math plugin are explaining below

1. Install the Rank Math plugin

First ,you have login to your wordpress admin panel.

Second, In the left side navigation coloumn you see plugin, tap on the “plugin”and click the “Add New Plugin”.

Third, In the search box of plugin enter the” Rank Math”.

When you find the plugin in the search result,click “Install Now Button”. When you install the plugin, active this plugin before you start to use it.

Click the “Activate” button.

2. Connecting  Rank Math

 After activate the plugin, then asking you to connect your website to Rank Math. It is not necessary to connecting Rank Math with your site. You also use Rank Math without connecting your site with Rank Math.

Click the “Connect Your Account” button.

Next step is show choose a setup path. The option are shown “Easy” and “advanced”.

If you click the Easy Setup, the advanced option will available later in the plugin.

  1. Configuring your website information

           Here you tell about your website to the Rank Math.

  • Connecting Rank Math to Google Search Console

          It is also not necessary to connecting Rank Math with google search console but when you connect enhance what the plugin can do.

  • Sitemap Setting

Sitemap is helpful for search engine is understand your website content.

1) Sitemap:  This option is should be ON by default, when sitemap button is show is blue, you are good to go.

2) Include Image: The image of your post and page include in sitemap.

3) Public post type: In this you have to control which types of post and pages included in your sitemap.

4) Public Taxonomies: Categories and  Tags of your post and page called taxonomies.

  When you have all done ,click the “Save and Continue” button.

  • SEO  Tweaks Setting

These setting are applied on your article and pages.

1) No index Tag Archives and Empty category

2) No follow External links

3)Open External links in new window/tab

Click the “Save and Continue” button.

3. SEO Analysis

Your website admin panel tap on Rank Math then you show a list ,click on SEO Analysis link.

Click the start site wide analysis button, the analysis results are displayed in graphs.

For many warning and problems, Rank Math provide the tips for fixing the problems.They are fully informative  and SEOknowledgeble for your content

4.A quick look at Rank Math in action

Rank Math not only analysis your site and improve your ploblem but also work as a wordpress editior.

When you go to admin panel, and you think how to use rank math plugin, I explain you below about this

a)First you see score your article at the top right of the editor

How to use Rank Math plugin

Yes,83/100 is good but not very  good.When you click on score box link Basic SEO,Additioanlity, Tital Readability etc. A magic happen your score is improve when you edit your content according to Rank Math score box.

b)Starting score box is showing in red colour, but when you edit your content according the Rank Math factor, the score box colour change,the box see in green colour. Meaning of this green colour is improve your content in On Page SEO.

How to use Rank Math plugin for On-Page SEO

If you want your article shown in Google SERP, then do SEO (search engine optimization) of your site. Help of on-page SEO you get gain and  advantage in Search Engine Ranking. SEO has three types

1. On page SEO

2.Off page SEO

3. Technical SEO

When you want how to use rank math plugin for on-page SEO of your content with the help of Rank Math plugin. You have to require to follow the all factor of rank math plugin. When you follow all factor of rank math, your  rank math score box is increase.


I explain how to use Rank Math plugin for On-page SEO And factor of Rank Math

Focus keyword inSEO title

Focus keyword in URL

Focus keyword in Meta Description

Focus keyword in first 100 word

Focus keyword in Heading 2

Use multimedia with alt tag of focus keyword

Use 1 internal and 1 external link

Use tags

Use table of content

Use table and bullets

Use long content minimum 600 words

Not make any grammaticly mistake solve them

Always use short paragraph

Always provide supplement

Use FAQ in ending of your content

These are the Rank Math factors helps in improve your On-Page SEO. When you create your content according to Rank Math list, your rank math score is increase.

Features of Rank Math

    Rank Math  gives best features for SEO(Search Engine optimization). Rank Math is easy to use and easy to understand.When you think how to use rank math plugin.

Don’t worry

Because Rank Math guide you step by step when you install and use rank math SEO. Rank Math has various features explain below.

1.It has very simple setup process: If you are first time install the rank math plugin,rank math automaticly suggest to you to process of installing that step by step.In rank math plugin you can also choose the setting option of rank math plugin


  2. Advance


2. Easily understandable how rank math work: On the right-hand side of your edit post and page admin panel, the rank math suggest you important  information about your post/page. Use of that suggestion you can improve your post /page  quality. Rank Math show the score of your post/page at the top in right-hand side in 0/100.

3. Google Analytics: This is an important feature to provide by rank math, you can do your website analysis in the rank math dashboard. You have not required to log in Google  Analytics account. Rank Math is helpful to check, search impression, total keyword, average CTT and search click of your site.

4. Website Analytics: The feature provide by rank math is shown the article score and how much traffic come on your website of a particular post.

5. Schema Generator: You can easily generate schema for your  post/page with the help of rank math.

6.SEO Performance: With the help of rank math you can also check all SEO performance of your post like total search impression of your site, in Google how many keywords are rank, and total click of your site etc.

7. Rank Math Tracker: In this you can track your keyword performance and also check click, position history and impression.

8. Keyword: In rank math you can check the top 1 to 100 position of your keyword at one place.

9. Product Schema: You can also generate product schema. You can add product name, brand name, short code, review, location, description etc.

10. Article Schema: You can generate article schema, it is helps to search engine to understand your article/post and also your click through rate is improving.

11. Person Schema: In rank math plugin you can also add person schema in one click. Here you can add address, email, description, job tital etc.

12. Video Schema: In rank math plugin you can also add video schema in one click. Here you can add description, duration, content URL, headline, embed URL.

13. Service Schema: In rank math you can also add service schema in one click. Here you can add Headline, Service type, Offer and Description.

14. Job Posting: You can add ob posting schema using rank math in one click. Here you can add salary, employment time, organization URL, organization logo address etc.

Not only these you can add a music schema,restaurant schema,software schema,event schema,course schema,book schema .


   Rank Math play a very important role in On-Page SEO, It is easy to use and easy to understand. It is best compare to yoast plugin and rank math provide more feature, you easily install this plugin because rank math guide you step by step when you install and setup that. I like rank math Google Analytics and Website Analytics feature. You can also generate various schema with the help of rank math.